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Sunland-Tujunga: Best Chiropractor for your NECK

Dr. Richardson of Sunland-Tujunga uses the latest techniques and equipment to get you out of neck pain

in the shortest amount of time. He specializes in restoring your body’s natural motion so your neck can

move like it used to, or many times, better than it ever has.

Some common causes of neck and shoulder pain or stiffness:

– Car accident

– working at a computer all day, text neck, or driving/sitting for many hours per day

– Home caretaker

– Salon stylist

– Torticollis or sleeping wrong

Dr. Richardson can and will help patients from Sunland-Tujunga get rid of their stiff and painful neck as

well as teach you how to prevent neck stiffness in the future.

At Free My Spine Health Group in Sunland-Tujunga, we implement techniques like cervical

decompression to achieve the best results in getting rid of your neck discomfort. Cervical

decompression works to stretch your tight neck using precise and very comfortable lengthening of the

tight muscles in your neck. It is so precise that your tight neck muscles don’t even know they are being

stretched. This is the beauty of decompression. The fact that your neck muscle spasms don’t realize

they are being stretched helps to prevent those tight muscles from “guarding” or “spasming” any

further. This phenomenon is known as decompression and allows the fluid/water to be inserted back

into the discs in your neck. We call that imbibition or to imbibe, which is to take up fluid. This is why

when people leave the Free My Spine office in Sunland-Tujunga, they feel taller. In addition, the stiff

neck muscles are more relaxed and the joints in the neck become more imbibed. This cervical

decompression therapy is like turning back the hands of time and restores the tight, stiff neck into a

loose more supple and freely moving neck.

Dr. Richardson of Sunland-Tujunga knows all the intricate details of how to make your neck pain and

stiffness disappear. After making a proper neck diagnosis to his, Dr. Richardson will proceed to warm up

the muscle and joint tissue in order to accommodate the most successful treatment. The warming up

process may include electrical muscle stimulation which feels like an electrical massage, deep heat using

moist hot packs, massage, cold laser or anodyne light therapy, and light dynamic stretching. Then after

the neck is warmed up, he may implement a cervical or neck adjustment, graston technique or Active

Release technique soft tissue release, or a combination of the two. Then the cervical decompression is

used to facilitate the ultimate prolonged stretching of the neck joints and muscles. Finally, Dr.

Richardson will teach you simple, yet effective postural exercises to facilitate the healing process and

restore your natural, youthful range of motion in your neck so that you may enjoy all that these

beautiful foothills in Sunland-Tujunga have to offer. Go hiking, biking or take a jog without having to

worry about your ailments. Our main goal is to set you free again.

Some common neck problems that Dr. Richardson treats in Sunland-Tujunga include:

– Arthritis of the neck

– Muscle spasm in the neck

– Disc herniation in the neck

– Whiplash/ Cervical Sprain-Strain

– Nerve impingement of the neck

– Shoulder or rotator cuff dysfunction

– TMJ Disorder

– Postural disorder in neck and shoulders

– Joint dysfunction/subluxation